Smart Key 450 Resyncing

9 Flashing Indicator Lights? Gone Out Of Sync? Spare Key No Longer Working?

We Can Help

Has your Smart car remote fob stopped operating the central locking? Flashing KEY symbol on the display? Smart won’t start?

If so your key fob has gone out of sync and will need recoding back to the car using special diagnostic equipment. Luckily help is at hand without resorting to paying too much at a dealership. We can get you back on the road quickly and easily!

Bought a 2nd hand Smart Car with just the one key? Are you worried about losing a key or the key going out of sync while your out? We can code a spare one for emergencies so you don’t need to worry.

We have the equipment to reprogram your Smart Car key to your car, family run and based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. All we need is your car and the key (or keys) that need programming to the car. If your stuck and unable to move your car contact us and if your local to our area we may be able to visit you and re-sync the key at your home.

Price: £60

We can also supply a replacement fob with blank blade (Can be cut to your car at any locksmith/local key cutting business, You will leave with a replacement fob fully coded to the car and will just need cutting as required, great as a spare or if you’ve lost the original!

Price: £120

We also offer airbag light reset and gearbox/clutch reteach for your Smart Car should you have a 3 lines symbol/airbag light see HERE for details! If we coding a key to your car we can offer a discount on additional services.

Contact us today for more information and we’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible! We understand your car is important to you and we’ll do our best to help!