Smart Car Retro Fit Additions

Smart Car Retro Fit Additions

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Cruise Control

We can active Cruise Control on your Smart FourTwo and Roadster. This requires a TAN code which we supply when activating this function. Please note this is a coding service only you will need to supply and fit the module required. Please see HERE

Price: £50

Softouch Activation

If you currently own a smart with a semi-automatic gearbox we can activate Smart Softouch. This process requires a TAN code which we can supply. This is the coding service only you will need to supply and fit the Semi Auto gearstick. Please see HERE

Price: £50

Paddleshift Activation

After fitting Paddleshift from a Smart Brabus the new wheel will need to be coded to the car using our equipment and a TAN code. We can activate this function as required. More info about Paddleshift HERE

Price: £50

Tacho (Rev Counter) Activation

After fitting a tacho to your Smart Car it will require activating to display the revs. No Tan code is required to active this

Price: £35

We can also reprogram your Smart key if yours has gone out of sync please see HERE. Discounts for multiple services

We have the equipment to read the ECU and other components of your Smart Car and diagnose where the fault is, family run and based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. All we need is your car and yourself over to us and we’ll do the rest. If your stuck and unable to move your car contact us and if your local to our area we may be able to visit you at your home. We will try our best to help! We know how important your car is!

We are also able to resync or program new keys to your Smart Car should you have the flashing lights problem or just lost your key. See our Other Services