Smart Car Diagnostic Service

Airbag Lights – Engine Management Lights – 3 Lines

We Can Help!

Has your Smart car got an airbag light on the dash? Engine management light come on? Want a checkup? Contact us today for services such as:

Airbag Light Reset

We can reset your airbag light after a flat battery or even if you’ve had a bump and have replaced the airbag we can set the ECU so the fault is reset and the light goes out.

Price: £35

EML – Engine Management Light – Diagnostics

Please note we no longer offer a diagnostic service for the Smart or Mercedes in any form, we only offer Airbag light reset and Gearbox and Clutch Reteach

3 Lines – Smart Gearbox Teach-In – Clutch Teach-In

If you have changed your clutch or gearbox on your Smart and have found that the 3 Lines symbol has appeared on the dash the gear selection needs to be reprogrammed to the car. We can do this as well as teach the biting point of the clutch meaning your Smart Car will start and run again!

Price: £40

We can also reprogram your Smart key if yours has gone out of sync please see HERE. Discounts for multiple services

We have the equipment to read the ECU and other components of your Smart Car and diagnose where the fault is, family run and based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. All we need is your car and yourself over to us and we’ll do the rest. If your stuck and unable to move your car contact us and if your local to our area we may be able to visit you at your home. We will try our best to help! We know how important your car is!

We are also able to resync or program new keys to your Smart Car should you have the flashing lights problem or just lost your key. See our Other Services